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Outline of Yamamori

We at Yamamori have been developing various types of Soy sauce and Soy sauce related products such as TSUYU (soup) and TARE (seasoning), employing our advanced technology and rich experiences.
With regards to Retort pouch food, Matsusaka plant, which has leading production capacity in Japan, has been producing "Yamamori KAMAMESHI premix" and OEM products for other major food manufacturers.

Since 1980's, we have established production bases in Thailand for producing Soy sauce and Retort pouch food. Japanese Soy sauce production in Thailand is distributed locally, while locally manufactured Thai foods such as Thai curry are imported and distributed in Japan.
As a general food manufacturer with a creativity in a variety of taste, we have been continuously supplying Japan, Asian countries and to the world over with "people's choice of flavors".