To business customers in

Restaurant chains and Noodle industry

Reliable and Safety Flavor Customization
Based on Dedicated Quest of "Deliciousness"

Business Use Products

We have provided wide variety of services to satisfy desire and requirement from customers and consumers by taking advantages of our know-hows on Soy sauce and Retort pouch food accumulated with long-term of experience in business. The services range from the planning to the commercialization of TSUYU (soup), TARE (seasoning), pasta sauce, curry, and other commercial food, as the Private Brand (PB) development.


Recently, Japanese consumers and media have more actively demand the strict safety evaluative standard for the food products and restaurants. Although the price competition is very severe nowadays, we should not neglect the importance of the safety and health issues. As the pioneer, having 11.2% share in the Retort pouch food business, we are ready to propose you the solutions with our reliable, safety, and delicious products. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.


Competency of Yamamori

Dedicated quest of ultimate flavor of Soy sauce, TSUYU (soup), TARE (seasoning), and Retort pouch food delivering safety of World-Class Quality

We have strength in various categories as follows: manufacturing and marketing of home-use products (national brand products), such as Soy sauce, TSUYU (soup), TARE (seasoning), and Retort pouch food, development of business-use products (private brand products) for the various businesses, such as restaurant and noodle industry, manufacturing of medical foods for the hospitals, and consultation for the starting up of the overseas (Asia) business.

1. Customization for Your Company

We realize the "flavor" required by our consumers and customers through customization by employing our business know-hows, such as Soy sauce, TSUYU (soup), TARE (seasoning), and Retort pouch technique, and by employing our product development capability based on thorough examination of the needs of our customers and based on rich experiences.


2. Retort pouch technique

In 1969, when the space food for the Apollo 11 rocket got attention, we were the first in Japan to successfully develop the in-house retort sterilization facility, and ever since we have released various Retort pouch food, such as "KAMAMESHI premix". As a result, we are proud of having the No. 1 manufacturing capacity in Japan. Advantageously, the Retort pouch food can be stored and distributed at normal temperature, and also can be easily handed due to their light weight. So, we are confident in proposing you our Retort pouch food as the commercial products in the domestic restaurant and noodle industry.


3. Reliability and Safety

We have installed the latest facilities with adequate sanitation control in order to deliver the "Reliability and Safety" products to you. We are certified for ISO9001 and FSSC22000, the global standard, in which every stage from obtaining the raw materials to manufacturing, processing, and distributing the products all the way to the end consumers are strictly controlled. As above, we ensure the safety of our products. Also, we are actively engaged in the clean energy usage and the industrial waste reduction in consideration of the global environment. Thus, we deliver you, with confidence, the reliable and safety foods made through the above activity.
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