Marketing Activities

The approach to desire and requirement from customer and consumer

Our motto is "Yamamori always challenges innovation, to comply with customers and consumers' ever-changing desires and requirements"
The lifestyle of consumer is changing rapidly all over the world now.
Meals are becoming much more irregular, and convenience foods are quite popular among people. Trend towards healthier eating is demonstrated by the high success of mass market product with the appeal of wholesome or natural ingredients.
To think at the consumer and customers' standpoint, we always challenge to create markets which change people's eating habits and lifestyles.

Marketing activities by Unit

At Yamamori, we have a contiguous organization that handles everything from development to sales within each business unit, in order to comply with the varying market requirements and trends, and to provide products for the local customers.

Retail Business Unit

The unit is responsible for planning, retailing of Yamamori branded products and PB (private brand) products for use in home, these are sold in retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores.

Wholesale Business Unit

The unit is responsible for supplying the various products, required to the (consumer-oriented) business customers, such as noodle industries, restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores.

OEM Business Unit

The unit is responsible for consignment of OEM production for major clients.

COOP Business Unit

The unit is responsible for planning, developing and retailing of PB (private brand) products for COOP market.

Research and Development, Purchasing

In order to provide high quality products by developing new technologies, research and development activities are essential.
New ideas are born out from seeking for the consumers' "need" and "want". Research and Development Department is responsible for designing such idea into products.
The Purchasing Department endeavors in achieving stable supply of raw materials of both safety and quality. The procurement of raw material shall be conducted internationally, while we have to pay the most careful attention to the "traceability" of each item.

Sales and Distribution network

To provide maximum customers' satisfaction, we have three Sales Branches in each of following areas:East (Tokyo), Central (Kuwana) and West (Nishinomiya). Getting the support from unit in Head Office, the sales network builds up the close, lasting relationship with customers, by providing rapid and effective services.
All orders from customers are concentrated to the Distribution Center in Kuwana. Quick delivery is ensured by unifying efficient distribution system and inventory control.