Plant Introduction

The pursuit of quality and safety

For more safety, in recent years, consumers have been conscious of food products. Although products are manufactured at high speed and on a large scale, the company must place great emphasis on product safety, especially in areas concerning raw material procurement inspection, production process, material packaging and, of course, plant hygiene.

Oyamada Plant

<Liquid product in small sachets>
Oyamada Plant is the latest plant designed to maintain a stringently environment, through HACCP methodology. From raw material treatment to the end product, risks that may arise at each stage are checked strictly by monitoring system. Also the plant is proactive in use of clean energy and reducing industrial waste.


Location 6-103, Hidamarinooka, Kuwana, Mie 511-8711, Japan
Tel +81-594-33-4070
Site Area 24,621㎡
Building Area 11,302㎡
Certified ISO9001, FSSC22000

Kuwana Plant

<Soy sauce/Liquid and Dry soup mixes> The latest continuous production line has been implemented on top of our traditional Soy sauce through fermentation technology. There are also dedicated production lines provided for sachets of Liquid TSUYU (soup) and Dry soup mixes, and by establishing a production system of wide variety and high frequency, we are able to respond to requirements of both small and large production lots.


Location 465-4, Moritada, Kuwana, Mie 511-8533, Japan
Tel +81-594-31-9910
Site Area 17,935㎡
Building Area 15,850㎡
Certified ISO9001, FSSC22000

Matsusaka Plant

<Retort pouch food, Canned cooked food, Bottled and Canned TSUYU (soup)>
Matsusaka Plant has the largest production capacity of Retort pouch food in Japan, manufacturing both Yamamori branded product and OEM product destined for major client companies. The plant has a unique technology, and every process from raw material treatment to packaging is automated.


Location 1672-7, Shinchi, Oguchi-cho, Matsusaka, Mie 515-8513, Japan
Tel +81-598-52-1311
Site Area 47,588㎡
Building Area 17,930㎡
Certified ISO9001, FSSC22000

ISO9001, FSSC22000, Certification

We are committed to the superior standard of quality and safety in all phases of production.
Kuwana, Matsusaka and Oyamada plants have been certified for ISO9001, FSSC22000.