A brief history of Yamamori

Yamamori's history began in 1889, by Sentaro Mitsubayashi, the founder who wished to produce naturally brewed Soy sauce to meet the local market requirement.
Since then, having Soy sauce brewing as the core, we branched out into wider range of products, such as TSUYU (soup), TARE (seasoning) and Retort pouch food.
In these days of globalization, using the technologies gained from existing products, we have expanded our business into Asian markets such as Thailand and Korea, contributing to a global exchange of food culture.

1889 Sentaro Mitsubayashi begins MISO and Soy sauce brewing business.

1961 Develops and installs an automatic aerator for KOJI-making.
1965 Releases "AJI TSUYU (flavored soup)", complete seasoning.
1967 Releases the first packaged liquid soup in Japan.
1969 Develops in-house retort sterilization facility, releases "KAMAMESHI premix".
1971 Releases Bolognaise sauce, which attains No.1 production in Japan.
1977 Erects new plant in Matsusaka
1982 Special class KOIKUCHI (rich) Soy sauce receives the Honorary Chairman Award at the Exhibition. "MATSUTAKE-KAMAMESHI-premix" receives the Chairman Award at the Second Retort Food Exhibition.
Noritada Mitsubayashi becomes President.
1983 Releases "SEVEN MOUNTAIN SOUR".
1984 Releases "Straight TSUYU (soup)".
1985 "Beef Curry (hot)" receives minister of Agriculture and Forester's Excellence Award at the Sixth Retort Food Exhibition. Kuwana Plant and Matsusaka Plant are selected as a JAS authorized plant.
1987 Special class "KOIKUCHI (rich) Soy sauce" receives a Chief of Food Agency Award at the 14th Japan Soy sauce Exhibition. New corporate logo is released.
1988 Company name changes to "Yamamori Inc."
Joint venture with Thai Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd. established, the first overseas venture.
1989 Begins consigned manufacturing of "Singapore Curry/Stew" at Singapore YEO Company.
1993 Concludes a technical collaboration agreement with OTTOGI Corporation, Korea.
1993 Establishes "ISE SHOYU HONPO" with two other Soy sauce manufacturers in Mie Prefecture, releases "ISE Soy sauce".
1995 Establishes Yamamori Trading Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
1998 Erects a brewing plant in Thailand and begins production/supply of Japanese soy sauce.
1999 "GOMOKU-CHUKADON premix" receives the Japan Canners Association Chairman Award at 20th Retort Foods Exhibition.
2000 Matsusaka plant receives ISO14001 and HACCP certification. "MATSUSAKA-GYUDON premix" receives the Japan Canners Association Chairman Award at the 21st Retort Foods Exhibition. Releases "Thai curry (green/red/yellow)".
2001 Establishes Kuwana/Oyamada office and plant, Head Office functions are relocated.
2003 Head office, Kuwana Plant, Kuwana/Oyamada office receive ISO14001 certification.
2004 Head office, Kuwana Plant, Matsusaka Plant and three sales branches receive ISO9001 certification.
Establishes Siam Yamamori Co., Ltd. invested 100% by Yamamori Inc.
Establishes AQY sauce Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Hi-Q Food Products Co., Ltd.
2005 Thai food Restaurant "SIAM GARDEN" opens in Nayabashi, Nagoya.
2006 Releases "GABA Soy sauce" and "GABA TSUYU (soup)"
2008 Japanese "Chicken KAMAMESHI premix" and "SANSAI (wild vegetables) KAMAMESHI premix" receive Silver Medals at the Monde Selection 2008
2009 Integrate management systems with ISO9001
"Thai curry (green)" and "Mango curry" receive Gold Medals at the Monde Selection 2009
2010 "Thai curry (green)" and "Mango curry" receive Gold Medals at the Monde Selection 2010
2011 Expands Kuwana/Oyamada office and plant, and builds a new building. Changes the name of the office and plant to Head Office/Oyamada Plant
Oyamada Plant, Kuwana Plant, and Matsusaka Plant receive ISO22000 certification
Thai curry (green), Mango curry, and "GINGOZEN SOBA TSUYU (soup) "receive Gold Medals at the Monde Selection 2011
2013 "Thai curry (green)" receives Gold Medal at the Monde Selection five years in a row from 2009.
Oyamada Plant, Kuwana Plant, and Matsusaka Plant receive FSSC22000 certification.
2015 Establishes Yamamori (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2016 Siam Yamamori Co., Ltd. authorized the Halal Certification in Thailand
2017 Yamamori (Thailand) Co., Ltd. authorized the Halal Certification in Thailand.
Yamamori (Thailand) Co., Ltd. authorized the Japanese Agricultural Standard plant certification as the first Japanese soy sauce plant.
"Thai curry (green)" received the Monde Selection Gold Award for nine consecutive years from 2009.