Corporate Philosophy

Dreams Come True, Do it Forever

These days, under rapidly changing business environment, the first priority for business is to carry out continuous innovation. The same holds true for Yamamori. Once, the food industry used to be regarded as a rather stable field of business. Today, our food business is a kind of business with high volatility and high risk. In consequence of lifestyles' change over the time, consumers' dietary life diversified so rapidly. On the other hand, food manufacturer must ensure at all times human safety and environmental protection. Just a single mistake on product brings the disastrous results to the company.
As a food manufacturer, we have to challenge to the ever-changing diversification of taste and the safety assurance by developing innovative product into the market.

Our slogan, "Dreams Come True, Do It Forever!" means that all the management and employees of Yamamori visualize our own dreams and work out towards realizing the dream. That, we believe, leads to corporate innovation of Yamamori. Envisioning tomorrow's Yamamori, we continue to advance forward.