Message from the President

Over 120 years since its foundation, we, Yamamori, have devoted all of our efforts to the "Food" business in Japan.

Based on the traditional brewing technology, and forecasting the change of market ahead of time, we have aggressively achieved technical innovation, and expanded our business year by year.

Throughout these period of growth and diversification, Yamamori has increased its sales dramatically, keeping the leading share in this industry.

I believe very strongly that the passions of all the employees of Yamamori have enabled us to develop strong and profitable business.

In our organization, we always begin our business with "Dreams".

"I wish I had such a thing” “I want to eat such meals"
Imaging in such way is our starting point.
Then we explore the commercial feasibility of the idea which becomes the key task of marketing.

"Each shall be a Consumer"
This marketing policy underlies Yamamori’s unique product development.

"Dreams Come True, Do It Forever"
By pursuing the dreams, we work forward to our everlasting goals.