Relation with Thailand

タイと日本の架け橋 ヤマモリのタイフード

We have "Siam Yamamori Co., Ltd.", a Retort pouch food plant, "Yamamori(Thailand) Co., Ltd.", a Soy sauce plant, and "Yamamori Trading Co., Ltd." for selling Soy sauce in Thailand. Thai foods, such as Thai curry and Tom Yum kung, are manufactured from local fresh ingredients (chicken, vegetables, herbs & spices) in the retort pouch plant, and are exported to Japan. Thai foods exported to Japan are sold in supermarkets/convenience stores, and are beloved by many Thai food fans in Japan.


In the Soy sauce plant in Thailand, Japanese authentically-brewed Soy sauce is manufactured under the supervision of Japanese Manager, The Soy sauce and seasonings, manufactured, are used widely by many Japanese owned local foods processors, Japanese restaurants and SUSHI bars in Thailand.


"Thailand food culture to Japan, and Japanese food culture to Thailand."
Food is a universal way of communication beyond the language barrier. We, Yamamori, are passionate of becoming "The Bridge between Thailand and Japan" by exchanging the food culture between two countries.

International Operations